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PET Survey Builder

PET - Patient Engagement Tool

  • Laravel
  • E-commerce
  • Subscriptions
  • Backbone.JS
  • Server Management

PET is a custom client-led project that has been built over a number of weeks, and is still in ongoing development.

Designed and conceived as a new product to drive forward patient feedback in healthcare, PET is a multi-site application built to gather and deliver feedback, and publish results across a number of platforms.

Stripe-led payment subscriptions, a focus on both ends of the user experience and a responsive and optimised front-end code-base are some of the key development features of PET's platform.



  • Node.js
  • Legacy refactoring
  • Business tools
  • Server Management

LINGsCARs is an ongoing project that encompasses a fantastic website, and an even more fantastic full-scale customer management and administration platform. There's a lot going on behind the scenes of the distinctive and eye-catching front-end website.

The focus of the project is divided between building in new features, gradually refactoring the existing code-base, and supporting the real-time needs of the business from the platform.

A shift to a mixture of component-based PHP, Node.js and some sweeping server changes make LINGsCARS a challenge that we relish. Yajun is famous as Ling's flight attendant; plus, we just love working with flashing GIFs!



  • Laravel
  • RESTful API
  • Social Linking
  • Server Management

Selflash is the first-stage of a multi-website management and deployment platform, that will allow functionality to be divided across multiple websites, and multiple servers - all using a RESTful API that will allow both mobile apps and websites to work from the same dataset.

The complex nature of the system has meant that a lot of time was spent drafting up architecture and specifications before the coding began. Our own API also has to depend on a lot of third-party integrations, such as Facebook - so a lot of testing was required.

Selflash is the first website on this platform, and we're expanding functionality all the time to make sure we can deliver future websites too.

What To Do With The Kids

What To Do With The Kids

  • Laravel
  • Data Migration
  • CMS
  • Server Management

What To Do With The Kids is an essential website for parents during weekends and school holidays, allowing them to search for attractions, events and vouchers within their local area, and find the right kind of activity for their family.

New functionality needed to be built on top of an existing website. This meant carefully analysing the existing functionality, testing the system as it stood, and continuing these tests once the new functionality had been integrated.

There was also a great deal of data within the current system that needed to be exported, modified, cleaned and checked before being re-inserted into the new database. The result is a website that is centred on content and user experience, while being technically robust and easily administerable for staff.

Colourtext Client Alerts

Colourtext Client Alerts

  • Laravel
  • Data Visualising
  • PDF Generation

Colourtext Client Alerts is a new service for media owners that want to drive revenue growth from local advertisers. It monitors the Facebook and Twitter activity of more than 100,000 UK & Ireland advertisers and spots the moments they use social media to promote new products, deals and events.

We needed to present a set of carefully collected and collated data in a very visual way, allowing users to interact with the data and easily turn it into a format their required, meaning converting front-end driven graphs into images and then transmuting them into PDF format.

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