Our Process

We approach each project in the same way, making sure we deliver consistency

Initial consultation

The most important part of any project is sitting down with you, and taking the time to listen to your ideas. It's also part of getting to know you, and what you're looking for out of the project.

We might offer up some ideas too, to make sure that the project is the best it can be within your budget.

We'll have as many face-to-face meetings as we need to work out your requirements.

Planning and scoping

The ideas and discussions we've had will form the basis of our full proposal to you. We'll break everything down into phases, and describe exactly how we plan to achieve your goals.

Our proposals are completely non-commital, we just want to make sure your project can get off to the best start whereever you choose to take it.

We'll include costs and timescales, so you're completely informed.

Design and architecture

Although we use an agile approach to building software, we still like to take the time to sit down and plan the low-level architecture of the system.

Pulling together information from multiple systems and APIs can be tricky, so we like to make sure we've got a handle on everything before we sit down and type that first line of code.

We'll involve you at this stage, showing you wireframes and ideas of how we can bring your project to life.


All of our code is fully documented and tested, and we comment as we go, so any developer can look at what we've done and work it all out.

We make the best of fully tried-and-tested open-source software, so we'll bring in components to stop us from reinventing the wheel.

We work in development phases, and will involve you in key features and testing all the way through the coding process.

Testing and training

Testing runs concurrently with our development phases. We'll show you what we've built so far, and get you using it so you become familiar as quickly as possible.

We'll even involve you in the testing, so you can be assured that we've built a robust application.

There's still time to change and adjust, so any feedback at this stage will still be applied to remaining development.

Support and maintenance

Finally - your application is in production, and is all up and working. But we know that isn't where it ends...

We don't expect things to stay still, and know that in the future, you may still need us on hand for the odd chat or change, and we're committed to supporting your application out there in the wild.

Remember, websites are never finished!

Does this sound like what you're looking for?

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