A Bit About Us

We're a small, specialised team - and we love what we do

HurstDEV is a specialist web development company. We build web applications and systems, and we're quite good at it.

From our beginnings, we've always believed that doing the best for our clients should be our top priority, so that's exactly what we've been doing.

We specialise in web development, so that's all we do. We won't try to handle your SEO, or re-design your brand. We just want to concentrate on building the best applications we can for you.

Most importantly, we really do love what we do!

Humble beginnings of a web development company

Our early days

HurstDEV was started in July 2012 as small PHP development company by Jamie Hurst.

In the beginning, everything was done from Jamie's small home office. The work came flooding in right from the start, so he didn't get outside much.

It didn't take long before we were in our current base of operations, the Gateshead International Business Centre. We started in a small office, hired our first team member, and that was that!

We're now in a bigger office with a dedicated meeting area, and we're still growing year on year - doing more and more for our clients.

PHP, MySQL, Backbone JS, Ubuntu and other open-source skills


Our skills are all in using open-source tools.

We specialise in PHP as a server-side language, using frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony where appropriate. All of our database servers are MySQL. We use Backbone JS and jQuery on the front-end, and run everything we build on an Ubuntu server.

This is only a handful of the tools we use every single day for our existing clients. Being PHP specialists, we have experience in many frameworks and project setups. We're just as skilled at transforming and working with existing systems as we are pulling something together from scratch.

Our team

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